Benefits of Hiring Rev Riana Milne

Rev. Riana will help you create an individualized Wedding ceremony, Ring Exchange or Celebration of Love, Vow renewal/Anniversary celebration that includes your special message to your beloved, as well as meaningful prayers and blessings you would like to include. Riana will meet with you ahead of time to go over every detail of your service and show you examples that you may wish to use.

You have the benefit of Experience; with Rev. Riana performing thousands of ceremonies over 23 years in both NJ and FL. She has been doing both straight and same-sexed Civil Unions and Marriages for many years. and the top venues in NJ. Riana’s first degree is in Broadcast Communications, giving her voice the ability to speak to large crowds, with or without a mic; and perform the words with loving emotion. Riana is also a non-smoker, and has been in the model and talent fields since a young age; always ensuring a professional image, hair, and makeup. She has been a 5-star Wedding Wife Officiant for many years; and always puts her clients satisfaction and happiness on their special day as a top priority.

And just one more thing….if you are a nervous Bride (or Groom), Rev. Riana’s many years with Psychotherapy, Meditation practice, and Coaching in Mindfulness always helps!

Your wedding attendants, parents, friends and children can also play an important part in your special day. During your service, feel free to add music, video clips, singers, or other creative touches that make your service unique.

Please note that your photographer and video-operator may enjoy full freedom in moving around Rev. Riana during your service, providing YOU the best photographic and film memories of your special day.

“Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special! I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled we were! It was especially nice to have our children involved and blend our two families. Thank you for all of your efforts and in guiding the children through their special parts of the service!” – Sincerely, Vicki & Tom