Pre-Marital Coaching & Counseling w/Rev Riana Milne

 Rev. Riana is a Certified Pre-Marital Course Provider for both Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida, as well as a Professional Counselor and Certified Global Relationship & Life Coach who sees her clients virtually for Coaching sessions. This is a wonderful option for those wanting Pre-marital classes to help with blending of families, in-law issues, financial planning or other concerns you want help with before your marriage.

To get a Certificate of Completion to present to the Florida Clerk of Courts, which allows you to have a quick. 3-day ceremony, you need to attend live, in person,  four, 1-HOUR private sessions, with Riana at a mutually chosen, convenient location.

Anyone can attend Relationship or Life Coaching for $400/session; however there is a discount for the Pre-Marital, 4 course series, which is a total of  $600.00 (HALF of Riana’s normal Couple’s Coaching fee).

When you use Rev. Riana for your wedding booking and the Pre-Marital Coaching, then your Coaching fee is only $400. (SAVE $200)

Contact Rev. Riana to discuss details by calling her at 201-281-7887 or using the Contact form on this site.

It is only $400 for the Pre-Marital Coaching series if you choose to book me as your Officiant!

Below are the Topics that most Couples have issues with throughout their relationship. It is best to discuss these topics up front, in a calm and loving manner with the assistance of a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Relationship & Couples Coach, so they are less likely to be troublesome in your marital or primary love relationship. Rev. Riana will help you learn the “art of communication” which is essential for a healthy, loving, long-lasting marriage.

Call Riana to schedule your Pre-Marital or Couples Coaching sessions at 201-281-7887, or use the Contact Form to tell her your needed dates and times.

  • Money & Finances – Will you have a Joint checking account? Who will take care of the Joint bills? Will both partners work? How will the income be dispersed? How much spending money should each partner have for the week? How will taxes be paid? Do you want to purchase a home? How will it be financed? How is your credit report at this time – have you shown each other your Credit status? Will there be a limit on Credit card spending? How much money/week should be allocated for a Date night, entertainment or travel?
  • Children – Do you each want children? How many? What religion will you raise them? Is the sex of the child important? Have you discussed names? Is a College education important for your children? If so, how will you plan on that? Who will raise the child – stay home in the early months? Do you both agree on childcare – what type and at what age? How will the duties of childcare be split (night feedings, diapers, bathing, feeding, night-time rituals & homework)? Negotiate and plan these things now.
  • In-Laws – How do you currently get along with each other’s parents? Is there stress, and why? Do one set of parents get overly involved in your daily activities as a couple? What if they mettle with your important decisions? Can you put your marital relationship first – above your parental relationship? How much time will you give to your parents/week/month? Where will you spend what holidays? What is the protocol on gifts for Holidays and birthdays? Would you ever borrow money from your in-laws; if so, what is the limit and how would this be handled?
  • Sexual Intimacy – Have you had an open discussion on each other’s sexual needs and desires? If there is a discomforting topic, have you discussed it thoroughly? Does one partner want to do something the other is not willing to do-how will you handle this? How much sex is enough or not enough/week/month? What will happen during pregnancy and if you have children? Do you agree to continue to date as lovers – each week, even after the “newness” wears off? What are the types of Intimate dates and settings that are important for you to have?
  • Blending of Families – If there are children from prior relationships, there are special issues that need to be addressed. Who is the disciplinarian of whose children? How will affection be expressed? Are the children happy about the impending marriage – or showing signs of distress and jealousy (anger, acting-out, withdrawing, whining, being clingy, shutting down or fighting with future siblings)? Where will the new family live – are the children loosing space in their territory (bedroom) by needing to share? What will the new purchases be to start a new live together? Are you willing to enter into Family counseling if the children are having trouble adjusting?
  • Religion – What religion will you choose as a family – what holidays will be observed, and where will you spend these holidays? How often will you attend religious services? What faith will you raise your children?

All these topics and more are discussed in your PRIVATE Pre-Marital Coaching and Counseling Courses with Coach Riana. These are the main topics couples argue about; so together, we will develop plans that will answer these and other important questions. Do bring along your individual and couples concerns and questions as well, and we will make them a priority.

Studies show, those with Pre-marital Coaching increase their odds of a happy, sustainable marriage by 90%!

Contact Riana now to arrange your appointment. Please inform her if you want her to be your Officiant and Save $200 off your Pre-Marital program!

Riana is a Global, Certified Relationship & Life Coach and was a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for over 20 years in both NJ and Fla. She specializes in helping couples to heal from any past unconscious Childhood traumas or behavioral patterns that could damage a loving, life-long relationship.

Call her directly at Ph: 201-281-7887 to set up your Couples Coaching for the best start to your new life together! 

(Palm Beach & Broward Counties Pre-Marital Counseling Course requirement is 4 hours. This can be done in one day, or in 2, two-hour shifts and must be done in person in Palm Beach County, FL.)