365 Lessons in LIFE & LOVE

365 Lessons in LIFE & LOVE © .…by Riana Milne; Daily tidbits of Motivational Goodness

 (Jan 1 – 5) This new year, I am writing 365 Daily lessons about Life and Love that inspire hope, motivation, growth and positive change in all areas of your Life. Started Jan 1st, 2016 for my Facebook fans at my facebook page: Coach Riana Milne and on my website blog, (RianaMilne.com). I would love to share this gift with you, my readers and clients, to help make THIS YEAR – 2016; Your BEST ever! So please visit my FB page daily, and please share this free advice with your friends. It would be super cool for you to share your Love back, by Liking the Page while your there! Looks like this may be my future book – developing daily before your eyes! These daily tidbits may seem like common sense, but because life can be hard, we often forget how Blessed we are, or let negativity get in the way. It is my hope that they help to keep you focused on your path; leading to goal completion, and fulfilling of your Dreams in Life & Love! To catch you up, here are some of January’s daily tips.

JAN 1 – Set your Goals – Happy New Year! Today you need to set 3 Personal & 3 Business/Career or School goals. These should consist of a balance of short term goals – and those up to 6 months to 1 year. Record them, look at them twice a day, then share them with a Friend who will help you stay committed. This is your road map for the next six months.

JAN 2nd – Reflect back on 2015 – give thanks for all the Blessings you received, and be gentle with the “mistakes” you may have made; find the lessons within those situations. Life is about choices, and learning lessons along the journey, and celebrating the victories. There are no failures; DECIDE you will have an incredible 2016 – and stay confidant with the new plan you created yesterday.

JAN 3rd – Forgive Yourself and Others. Be dedicated to forgiving all those who may have hurt you recently, or over you past life. Be Determined to Drop all anger, Bitterness, and Resentment – it not only dis-serves you, but keeps you in Anger and in a Negative Mind-set – which will block your flow of Blessings. Forgiveness doesn’t tell the other that their “Act was OK” – it releases you from “It” having control over your Life, your Energy & Light. Let it Go. Now. 

JAN 4th – Have FAITH. Practice Faith, especially in the tough times and difficult transitions. Continue to push through, and plant seeds when growing an idea, business, or relationship (Parent or Love Relationship). Each day with Faith is like watering the tiny seed that grows into a strong Oak tree. Everything great and glorious takes time – and Faith. Life has peaks and valleys; Prayer, meditation, and giving daily Gratitude for the Blessings you DO have, will bring more of them. All Great Leaders practice and Live in Faith. Do you? Do it daily…not as a chore, but as a way of Being.

JAN 5th – Dream Big & Request Daily. In the world-renown book, “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he speaks about the importance of deciding on what your Dream is, believing it to be true, and requesting that dream to come to be – at least twice a day. People without dreams and goals stay stuck in the status quo; and are afraid to risk change. Without change, there is no growth; and this is when depression sets in – because you have “settled.” Change isn’t easy, but it’s always good. The Journey of Transition may be difficult, but it makes you feel alive, you live with purpose, and you learn to be creative to make your dreams come to be. It is an essential part of living consciously!

JAN 6th – Meditate Daily. It is scientifically proven that Meditation changes the grey matter of the brain. All its takes is 15 minutes a day, every day to lower anxiety, depression, Blood Pressure, Cortisol, and increases the Brain’s Happy Chemicals – Dopamine and Seratonin. There are many ways one can meditate, but my clients do a 4-step process that starts with breathing, giving gratitude, asking for what they need or to achieve their goals, visualization, and finally asking the questions; “God what do you want me to know?”  When my clients do this even after a few days, they start to feel calmer, more focused, happier and more grateful about life in general.

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