Riana’s TV Show: Lessons in Life & Love

TONIGHT! JAN 12th –  7:30 PM EST/USA – See my TV internet Talk Show – Lessons in Life & Love – on WRPBiTV from ANYWHERE (phone, Ipad, computer)!! Just click –  WRPBiTV Link  — This debut 1/2 hour talk show features my special friend and guest, Rich Celenza, author of the eBook, WINGMAN – The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Woman of Your Dreams; and we have a lively discussion regarding our points of view on LOVE Relationships (mine is from my #1 Best Selling book, LOVE Beyond Your Dreams – Break Free of Toxic Relationships to Have the Love You Deserve.

Please join us – You will LEARN SO MUCH – (YES, it’s Free! : ) Please share the news, and let me know if you tuned in! Join my Facebook page for announcements on all of my upcoming TV shows, ning in – daily tidbits of Transformational goodness (365 Lessons in Life & Love); great articles, and much more –https://www.facebook.com/CoachRianaMilne  Thanks so much for your Love and Support, I will continue to bring you as much information as possible, that can help Transform your Life and Love Relationships! For more videos, articles, and free chapter downloads of my LOVE book, go to www.RianaMilne.com. 

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